October 20th releasdate: Percy La Rock EP

I am really pleased to announce that october 20th will be the releasedate of my forthcoming EP on Rwina Records. Its a 7 track EP available on vinyl and as digital download.

1. Choices ft. JazzMine Garfield
2. Earthquake
3. Shadows Of Light ft. Andrew Mckenzie
4. Got Em ft. Guilty Simpson 
5. Dreamchasers ft. Furlan Williams 
6. Working On It ft. Steve Hartley 
7. Love Me Up ft. Sasha Vee

Release note by Rwina Records:

I.N.T – Percy La Rock
Who is Percy La Rock? A mysterious old school rap artist unearthed from the archives of hip hop history perhaps, or a clever moniker for a new artist? Neither as it turns out. Percy La Rock is I.N.T, and I.N.T is a Dutch producer and DJ from Eindhoven, real name Percy Samidjono, who has been active for 20 years. Samidjono’s long list of credits includes work for artists such as La Melodia and Frank N Dank and appearances on the likes of Stones Throw, Kindred Spirits, Rush Hour and Fat City. As for the title, Percy La Rock, it’s the name that Charlie Ahearn, the director of Wild Style, gave Samidjono after a screening of the legendary documentary in Amsterdam that featured a remixed soundtrack composed by the Dutch producer. After years of dedication to the culture and music of hip hop, the Dutch artist was anointed by the pioneers with a true school name. This autumn Rwina Records is releasing I.N.T’s Percy La Rock E.P, a seven-track homage to Samidjono’s hip hop roots. The music is soulful and slick yet also knocks hard at times. A departure from the more dancefloor sounds Rwina is known for, Percy La Rock is also a reaffirmation of the label’s own roots in hip hop. Percy La Rock opens with ‘Choices’ a track that features the sultry vocals of JazzMine Garfield over a bouncy bubbler of a beat. This vibe is recaptured later on with ‘Dreamchasers’, this time featuring the vocoded singing of Furlan Williams, a chilly echo from the future past that cuts through the track’s warm and sexy vibe. ‘Earthquake’ offers the only instrumental interlude on the E.P, a hard-as-nails beat that proves Samidjono can hang with the best from the new beat generation. On ‘Shadows of Light’ we take a detour through deeper, jazzy territories before Detroit’s Guilty Simpson comes knocking at the door on ‘Got Em’, the sonic equivalent of a left hook to the jaw. ‘Working On It’ is a slick take on funk and disco standards with Steve Hartley’s slick vocals reminiscent of a certain Jose James, who has supported Samidjono’s music in the past. The E.P closes with ‘Love Me Up’, a south American-tinged groover that lifts up with the sweeping vocals of Sasha Vee. With the Percy La Rock E.P Samidjono manages to make sense of a surprising amount of seemingly diverse styles in one go, his musical finesse and experience joining the dots between hip hop’s inspirations and variations, between its past, present and future. Supported by: Dilated Peoples, Jose James, Gilles Peterson, Mark Pritchard, Machinedrum, LeFtO a.m.o.





"Een van de beste beatmakers van Nederland was even kwijt, maar DJ Akkachar en Jameszoo spoorden ‘m op. DJBroadcast werd richting Bijlmer gedirigeerd en tekende het innemende verhaal van I.N.T. op.”

Go to DJBroadcast for the full interview



It’s with great pleasure that we can now make an official announcement that 18 worldwide producers will be joining us on the “Ramen Skate Sessions” music release for Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) dropping worldwide next month….




From the series “Unreleased & Rare” here is the second downloadable song for your listening pleasure.

Drums, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Mellotron, Arp 272, Synth Bas: Andrew McKenzie

Contrabas: Danny Sullivan
Bass: Bradley Hicks
Vibraphone, Alt Tenor Sax: Jimmy Farmer
ARP String ensemble Janice Keller

Music written, arranged, conducted, orchestrated & composed by: Andrew McKenzie 

Synthezeiser programming: Andrew McKenzie 
Instruments recorded at Studio 150, Greenwich, Utah
Movie scores arranged conducted & orchestrated by Andre McKenzie 
Storyboard by Laura Fisher 
Voice over by: Andrew McKenzie, Laura Fisher, Janice Keller, Steven Byrd, Jimmy Farmer 
TapeSoundFX recorded at Studio 4 London, UK
Recorded at Master Sounds Studios, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mastered at A&R Studios New York 
Engineer: Dixon van Winckle 
Digital Recording Engineer: Sammy I. Djono 
Graphics: Bill Carson
Album Design: Bill Carson & Andrew McKenzie 
Cover Photography: Derek Lloyd 
Art Direction: Anthony Fisher


Good friend LEFTO played the “Paradiso Instrumental” on his weekly radioshow on Studio Brussel. You can catch the song around 58 minutes. The vocal version is still for grabs on my Facebook page!!


I’m going to start a new section called: "The Story Behind". In this section I’m going to write down the nicer stories behind tracks. How a track was created and stuff like that. Enjoy…

The first file of this beat I was able to find on my HD is dated January 26th 2006. The working title was “Zoi” and a few versions later “Hai” inspired on the (Brazilian) vocal/percussion sample.
At that time I was very productive doing releases for La Melodia as well as solo productions for several record labels,  like finishing some tracks for Dopeness Galore Records (Amsterdam based recordlabel) and Timeless Records (Dutch jazz label founded in 1975) for a jazz project called "The Timeless Interpretations". While working on that jazz project Dopeness Galore had the idea of making an album with Detroit’s Frank N Dank and he asked me for beats. So I burned 20+ plus beats on a CD and gave it to the label as well as some other record labels i was in contact with.

Next thing was that this beat got played on Andrew Meza’s radio show BTS Radio (local radio show at the University of California State Fullerton). Since that beatCD was an audio CD it  had no mp3 tags (read: no info no titles). The beat was named on the tracklist as beat8 (beat nr8 on the cd). Don’t know how it got to Andrew Meza but he kept on playing this beat on his populair radioshows/podcasts.

Eventually Andrew and me got in contact threw myspace and somewhere in 2011 he was doing a european trip/tour and visited my studio in Amsterdam. He was talking about playing “beat8” in the clubs and people went crazy on it and start asking him who’s beat it was. After his trip he sended me an email about Dego from 4Hero. Dego wanted that beat for his DJ sets and if I was okay with it passing the beatcd on to Dego. "You mean Dego from 4Hero?? That dude is a crazy musician!! Ofcourse pass it to him!!" So a couple of months later I got another email of Andrew introducing me to the man Dego himself. Dego told me he was asked by Sonar Kollektiv (Record label founded by Berlin’s DJ and producer team Jazzanova) to do a mixcd/cd compilation called “…Mixing” and he needed/wanted this beat in his mix. And if I was okay with it. "Wtf?? Dego? 4Hero? Jazzanova? Sonar Kollektiv?? WTF!!" Hell yeah i was okay with it no question!!! I told Dego they can license the beat but first I wanted to mix that beat a bit instead of using that sketch called “Beat8”. So I started mixing the beat and was sending him versions in the meantime I got in contact with sonar Kollektiv about the legal agreements. After a few versions he actually wanted to use the original version instead of the new mixed version. All good for me it was another release and if a musician like Dego liked that old version more instead of the new one I had peace with it. So that beat got released as “beat8” on "4Hero….Mixing" between tracks from Bootsy Collins and Dabrya.
Still this is not the end of the story….

A few years later somewhere in 2010 Andrew Meza contacted me about starting a recordlabel called "BTS Records" and he wanted to do a 12” single with me with again that same beat. He got this idea of putting some vocals to it plus a remix by Diabase and on the flip side the instrumentals and another beat also taken from that old beat cd. He knew some rappers from Ohio called MuAmin Collective and asked them to record a song on this beat. A few months later he mailed me with a rough of the song called “Paradiso”.

Paradiso is a famous rock music venue in Amsterdam. Originally a church but now a music venue where legends as The Rolling Stones, Prince, D’angelo, Amy Winehouse and the original Slum Village have performed. In The Netherlands they call it the pop temple of music. Performing in that venue is a honour as a musician. The song is all about the city of Amsterdam and it sounded like they already been to Amsterdam and performed in Paradiso (which I couldn’t recall since I was pretty updated about the hiphop events at Paradiso). I started to mix and arrange the beat onto the lyrics and sended some versions to BTS. This fine-tuning of the song took another year and a half because of the slow communication from both sides. It was also the time of economic recess where the traditional music industry was very unstable because of the music piracy and the negative music sales. The communication between me and BTS Records eventually died and the track got shelved. During the years I fine-tuned the track together with YannBoogie my right hand engineer. I also met this dude Chad from Cleveland who’s living in Amsterdam now. We got in touch and we found out that Muamin are his homies from Cleveland and he was in some way responsible for the lyrical content of that track. What a coincidence! He gave MuAmin some notes about life in Amsterdam etnic races and about typical situations of the city. So long story short hahaha… Once a year I go threw all my unreleased/unfinished songs I recorded and found this piece. Since this track is officially hella old (2006) I thought by myself let me release this song for the people to listen to. So I did some fine tuning at Redbull Studio Amsterdam with engineer Felix Postma.

Dennis De Groot (good friend/Illustrator) did a illustration of the pop venue that we used as artwork for this release. The track is mastered by Waxflowers Mastering.

I want to thank Andrew Meza, Aaron and Josia from MuAmin Collective, Dego, Steve Hartley, Punchdouble, Sonar Kollektiv, Chad, Bert at Redbull Studio Amsterdam, Yannboogie, Diabase, Felix Postma and Ivo at Waxflowers Mastering who all put their energy in the making of this track.


Artist: I.N.T. (ft. Muamin Collective)
Title: Paradiso
Album: Unreleased & Rare

Produced by I.N.T.
Written by Muamin Collective
Illustration by Dennis De Groot
Mastered by Waxflowers Mastering

In the next few months, I’ll be sharing some of my unreleased and rare tracks as free downloads for a limited time only. First up “Paradiso” featuring Muamin Collective!

Lets Get It On For The Night

Ooow yeah!! Sending the final mixes of my upcoming EP to the label for mastering by Subvert Central Mastering (UK) Do it..

Ooow yeah!! Sending the final mixes of my upcoming EP to the label for mastering by Subvert Central Mastering (UK) Do it..

Did my first vinyl release back in 1994. Bin putting out Songs, Ep’s, Albums, Mixtapes, MixCD’s, 12 inches, Remixes since then. Check out all my releases on cd, vinyl, tape or as digital here

A recap of Hip Opsession 2014 by The Ruggeds

With: Niek Traa, Skychief, Squarez, Roy & Tawfiq
Music: I.N.T. - Chin Chin Salute (Cats Come Wack)